Brandon Brown Clones Self 32 Times, Dominates NFL Debut to Cheers of “Lets Go Brandon”

The cheers were unmistakable. The people love him and want him to know it. 

Brandon Brown nabs first NASCAR Xfinity Series Win

After nabbing his first win in the NASCAR Xfinity series on Saturday, Brandon Brown knew that he was only just getting started. His mission – domination of all sporting leagues in America.

Working with the nation’s top scientists, he created dozens of clones of himself, each the perfect pinnacle of sporting excellence. It would not take long for their impact to be known. Within hours, every professional and collegiate sports team in the country was vying for their own clone of the sporting god. Fearing the damage that a league of Brandon Browns could do, the NFL created a new rule limiting each team to only one Brandon. 

This would not stop their dominance.

On Sunday, an army of Brandons took to the gridiron for the first time. Across the nation, tens of millions cheered “Lets Go Brandon” as the legend took his first snap. Almost immediately, it became clear why he was in such high demand. Playing on offense, defense and special teams, he was the biggest threat on the field regardless of what position he played. The greatest defensive lines in the league crumbled, their pash rush failing to contain his excellence. The only person able to stand in his way? Himself.

By the end of the Patriots-Buccaneers game on Sunday night, he had broken the NFL all time rushing, receiving and passing yards.

“I cannot believe it. This is incredible. I’ve never seen such a dominant display of athleticism by one man. It’s no wonder the crowds are cheering “Lets Go Brandon”, if anything I would expect them to get louder after tonight!” said ESPN’s Stephen Smith.

Having become by far the most dominant player in the NFL, Brandon has announced that he has set his sights even further. He has since signed with every Major League Baseball team in the country, and is preparing to take the ice in the NHL in Week 1 of the regular season. 

Speaking with an NBC reporter, Brown exclaimed “Oh my God, this is just everything we’ve hoped and dreamed for. Everything I’ve ever wanted to do is take all these trophies home to mom and dad.”

Brandon Brown speaks with NBC Sports reporter

Needless to say, there can be no doubt that the chant of “Lets Go Brandon” is set to become the most popular phrase in the country.